PCB Separator Machine

  • MC PCB/PCB/LED Separator with CE Approval,CWVC-1SN
MC PCB/PCB/LED Separator with CE Approval,CWVC-1SN

MC PCB/PCB/LED Separator with CE Approval,CWVC-1SN

  • Product description: MC PCB/PCB/LED Separator with CE Approval,CWVC-1SN

MC PCB/PCB/LED Separator with CE Approval,CWVC-1SN


Number Of Blades:

9 blades

Max Cutting Length:


Standard Plug-in Platform Length:


Standard Light Bar Platform Length:




Cutting Wide:


Cutting Thickness:


Plug-in Platform Machine dimensions(mm)


Light Table Platform Overall Dimensions(mm)





1.Can be cut 9 PCB s at same time V cut lines are not deformed and fast speed

2.Each up and down with 1 blade , standard 9 group at the same time cutting ,I improve efficiency

3.Each machine face and back with a conveyor and could freedom to adjust altitude  ,easy to operate

4.Minimize the internal stress generated when cutting the board to avoid cracking

5.Suitable for all PCBs with V-CUT

6.Up and down round knife can be adjusted accurately and can be repeated over and over again


1. - I see according to the specification there may be up to 1000 files. How many joints can we have per file? I need to know the programing limitation of the machine.

R: No limit on the joints per each program. More than 1000 files.

2. - Can you send me user manual of the robot? I need to see the programing abilities. I need to know every parameter we can set for every joint.

R: We will offer the instruction manual when delivery, don't worry about that.
3. - Also where are stored the programs - in the robot or in memory card?

R: The programs are stored in the robot.
4. - What is the teaching pedant for besides programing? Can I copy soldering programs to another robot CWDH-411?

R: Yes, program can be copied from 1 robot to another robot.

In generally, each PCB has 1 program with hundreds of joints.

There are total 144M storage, 100000 joints take 3M.

If there are 1000 joints per each program, the robot could store 4800 files.

5. - Is it possible to start the program from particular joint (not from the beginning but for example from 5th joint)?

R: Yes, you could start from particular joint.
6. - Is it possible to execute only one joint?

R: Yes, it is OK.
7. - Is it possible to set X, Y, Z offset for every joint? What I mean is if the soldering tip can be set in the way it comes into the joint under some angle?

R: Yes, you could set offset, solder paste capacity, soldering time for every joint.
8. - Is it possible to set the tip to come out from the joint under angle as well?

R: Yes, no problem.
9. - Can I set feeding/backing speed for every joint?

R: Yes, you could set the soldering time for every joint.
10. - I didn't see how much power is the soldering heater (I can only see the total machine is 2300Watts)?

R: It is 150W.

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CE Approval:

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