PCB Separator Machine

  • PCB LED Depaneling Machine with High Efficiency,CWVC-480J
PCB LED Depaneling Machine with High Efficiency,CWVC-480J

PCB LED Depaneling Machine with High Efficiency,CWVC-480J

  • Product description: PCB LED Depaneling Machine with High Efficiency,CWVC-480J

PCB LED Depaneling Machine with High Efficiency,CWVC-480J

Product Description:

Today, many auto industries, power industries, and computer industries use a clipping series of splitter to separate their prefabricated panels.

The cutting type "V" slot machine has improved the quality of the split plate further, Using Japanese imported blades, in the form of a mild and clean, avoid damaging placed directly on the edge of the PCB plate or aluminum plate of SMD components.

In particular, the base plate with a thickness of 1.0 mm is clean without burr, its machine is controlled by electric, and it is stable and safe.


1. Separates boards up to 3.5mm thick.

2. Shears boards safely with parts as close as 0.5mm to the Score line, including ceramic capacitors.

3. Operator foolproof. Panels cannot be inserted into the Knives except on the score line.

4. Pneumatically driven.

5. Handles high components up to 70mm.

6. Bow waves that can occur with round knives are avoided.

7. Easy adjusting of distance between knives.

8. Independent lab tests show less than 200 macrostrains of Stress measuring compression and tension.

9. Has capacity counter function.




The Longest Minimize:

480 mm


990×425×350 mm

Minimize thickness

0.3-3.5 mm

Machine Weight :

220 kg


Cutting PCBA , FR4 .Metal board , Alum Board , Etc.

Our Advantages:

- Gap for insertion of the board can be adjusted easily by means of a knob in the front of the machine
- Integrated waste suction prepared
- Repaneling process without vibrations
- Easy-to-service design
- Pneumatically driven (FESTO)
- Operation and maintenance possible without precognition
- High power reserves, operations already possible at 2 bar
- Pneumatic control placed in a separate unit for easier maintenance

Our Service:

# 24 hours fast response

# Largest manufactory in South China

# 100% responsible for quality

# 13 years’ experience

# Free sharpening for blades within 3 months

# controlled drawings make strict confidentiality for clients

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