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Pulse Heat Hot Bar Soldering Machine Production Line

This Electronic Assembly Line demonstrates a specific automated multi-step production process by integration of several production technologies like 2-component potting (dispensing), product placement (lid on a housing), sealant dispensing (on lid) and UV-curing (of dispensed seal). Aoleder has gained great experience in many production processes over the years, like Hot Bar Soldering Machine,Pulse Heat Hot Bar Welding Machine,SMT pick and place, Dispensing, Selective Coating, Heat Seal Bonding and Hot bar Reflow Soldering, which can all be added to a custom-made Electronic Assembly line. By automating and integrating these steps, Aoleder offers customers a unique solution to the process challenges they face today.

Hot Bar Bonding Machine,CWPC-3A

In addition, Aoleder will show its newest Heat Seal Soldering and Hot Bar Reflow Soldering products. New is the possibility to integrate automated flux dispensing in the Hot Bar Reflow (HBR) Soldering process, enabling multiple repeatable high quality production steps in one HBR Soldering process.

During the show also a range of the latest Hot Bar Soldering Machine,Pulse Heat Soldering Bonding Machine,Thermode Head Soldering Machine,Hot Bar Soldering Machine,Laser Hot Bar Soldering Machine.

Hot bar soldering machine,CWDH-321

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