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Aoleder provides the machines and technical support for your Hot-bar Soldering Project.

Aoleder is recognized throughout the China as a leading authority on hot-bar soldering equipment, including the manufacturing of hot bar soldering machine and reflow soldering thermodes. Get the benefit of our 20 years of experience building hot-bars (thermodes) for all makes and models of equipment.

Typically the best way to approach the acquisition of a hot-bar system for any application is to send us samples of the products that you wish to bond together. Also we need any information regarding recommended temperature, pressure, and time for the bonding/soldering application. At that point we'll review the requirements and provide pricing and recommendations on how to proceed with the project.

Hot Bar Bonding Machine,CWPC-3A

The concept for hot-bar reflow soldering is quite simple. Low voltage, high amperage electricity is run through a metallic thermode that is designed to have higher electrical resistance along the soldering face. The electricity heats the thermode face to a predetermined temperature. Typically most thermodes are fitted with a thermocouple wire that feeds temperature information back to the soldering power supply.

Hot bar soldering machine,CW36

Dongguan Aoleder Automation Technology Co.Ltd. was founded in 2004,is located in the world manufacturing city Dongguan,Guangdong,China. The company is committed to development,manufacture,sales and service for professional soldering machine,hot bar solder,hot bar soldering machine,heat soldering machine electronic equipment machinery. The company has advanced production and processing equipment and an experienced development and manufacture team,half of them have over 10 years experience in electronic equipment industry.


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