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Hot Bar Soldering Machine Pioneer With Competitive priceWelding

Hot Bar Soldering Machine Pioneer With Competitive price

1. High quality hot bar bonding machines
2. Lower prices on equipment and hotbars (thermodes) than other manufacturers
3. Shorter lead time
4. Custom solutions and unparalleled customer support

Hot Bar Welding Machine CWPC-3A

Aoleder assembles and builds systems, tooling, and thermodes for the hot-bar soldering process.  We manufacture hot bar soldering bonding thermodes at prices far below that of the original machine manufacturers. Aoleder can take your bonding application and source and assemble a used hot-bar bonding system complete and ready to go at a price far below that of a new system.  We are the economical source for thermodes used in all bonding applications. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, call us today. We can build anything you need at very affordable prices.
Hot Bar Welding Machine,CWDH-321

Hot bar soldering machine is a general category which applies to conductive adhesive bonding, hot bar reflow soldering, heat staking, and heat seal bonding. Hot bar bonding is done using a 'thermode' which is rapidly heated and cooled for making each connection. The electrical resistance of the thermode produces the heat necessary to melt the solder or adhesive and create the connection. As the electricity flows through the thermode, the heat generated is conducted directly to the workpiece.

Hot Bar Welding Machine,CWDH-321

Dongguan Aoleder Automation Technology Co.Ltd. founded in 2004,is located in the world manufacturing city Dongguan,Guangdong,China. The company is committed to development,manufacture,sales and service for professional soldering machine,hot bar machine, hot bar soldering machine, robotic soldering, automatic bonding machine and other machine equipment machinery. The company has advanced production and processing equipment and an experienced development and manufacture team,half of them have over 10 years experience in electronic equipment industry.


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